Sunday, October 28, 2007

it's great to be 8

that's what the boy said today : ) he was born at 11:29 am 8 years ago. i think he enjoyed his day. he had the option of having a skating party but opted for a family party at home. he wanted a homemade cake (which he wanted to decorate mostly himself--he drew a power ranger on it) and just a laid back time. he made his own pin the tail on the donkey game and he and the girl made a birthday banner.

he loved all of his gifts, but as i suspected he was totally blown away with the mona lisa poster we got him. i swear i could have cried; he was so surprised and excited by that.

yesterday the nephew's bday was at a place called pump it up. giant inflatables--slide, boxing ring, trampoline room, obstacle course. i had a crick in my neck/back before we got there, which still hasn't gone away, but even i had fun on that stuff. of course it made me feel a million years old, but it was fun. the boxing consists of the over sized, giant padded gloves. i boxed the hubs, my bro, the girl and the boy : ) we did the obstacle course and the slide and everything. i have a bit of a rubber burn on my elbow though : )

the sil is starting to show a bit : ) i'm so excited to find out what she's having. i know she wants a boy so she can use some of the things she already has but i so hope it's a girl. i had a dream last night that someone around me had a girl, i was holding her. so we'll see. my baby dreams typically come true ; )

family stuff: my mom seemed normal this weekend. i think my sister, who's found religion and is going to church regularly now, was a bit put out when the girl said she was going to be the angel of death for halloween. my grandma the hermit came to both boy's birthday parties. i have to give the hubs credit because he always makes it a point to carry on a conversation with her, seek her out, ask questions, seem interested despite the fact that she has the exact same conversations every time you see her and they're always of things that happened 20 + years ago. i've only heard the story about she and my paw-paw taking me to get a coat when i was 2 years old and how i threw a fit and wouldn't try on one more coat about a million times.

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