Monday, October 15, 2007

board games

i saw a commercial this weekend for a new version of monopoly. the damn thing uses debit cards instead of money! wtf? really? who didn't learn how to count and handle money by playing monopoly? omg this pisses me off. the hubs and i were talking about it and he said before you know it books will be obsolete, people will read everything electronically. god i hope not, i love books.

i realize eventually we'll probably be a cashless society (heck, i'm usually cashless now) but do we really not want the next generation of kids to know how to handle money?

speaking of board games, these are a few of my faves: scrabble (#1 in my book and i rarely get to play), scattergories, catch phrase, risk (though i never have totally conquered the world) and Yahtzee.

since people were squeamish about taking the poll on the number of o's per week (btw, i can't tell who votes how, just so you know all of that is totally anonymous) i've changed it up. sweet t said the polls were following a certain theme and just so you don't think that's all that's on my mind, because in reality it's not, i'll try steering away from the more tmi poll questions.

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Anonymous said...

Funny that you mention board games, because my niece and I played one yesterday. She suggested a few: Life, Monopoly and Trouble. I voted for Trouble, since, oddly enough, it was less "trouble" than the other two. Lazy, you ask? Um, yes. We each won one game. If you ever have the opportunity to play Apples to Apples, take it. It's really fun to play with a group.

Sweet T