Sunday, October 14, 2007

weekend update

friday night we rented a movie, kids' picked it. nacho libre. do not rent or watch this film. i like jack black but this was hideous. omg i can't even believe how bad it was.

saturday afternoon we went to my bro/sil for my sil's 30th, yes, 30th! birthday : ) it was good to hang out with them because we hadn't seen them for so long it seems. the rest of the family was there as well and, true to form, my mom gave my sil some dark chocolate candy as part of her present. my sil doesn't like dark chocolate but for some reason my mom thinks she does so every occasion she can think of she gives it to her. i almost laughed out loud when she opened it. i literally crashed when we got home around 9 and slept until 9 today.

i'm beginning to think either age is catching up with me or i really do have something wrong. i'm making a doc appt (take note sweet t) cos i think i have a thyroid problem.

today we went to the farmer's market to get our pumpkins, puttered around the house, took a nap and went to look at a truck.

the hubs has been wanting a truck for a million years. not a new truck, not a fancy truck, but a project truck and one that runs well enough to haul stuff. i think he's found the one he wants. happy anniversary hubby! : )

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