Thursday, October 4, 2007


ok, pepto is out (though i like the idea of it celebrating breast cancer awareness). too pinky girly for me too. damn i wish i could design blog pages. anyway, i changed the template and added a poll on the left. : )

polls are cool.

few updates.

i have my car back and am much poorer for it.

the girl is eerily becoming more and more like me. friday she broke up with the shrimp. she likes the idea of having a boyfriend more than the boy. this week they got back together. oy vey it's going to be a long next 10 years with her. there's no denying she's mine---she's fickle, moody and obsessive.

sunday when we went clothes shopping instead of trying on jeans to find some that fit she got stretchy pants like she wore last year because she didn't want to try the jeans on.

re: work. one thing that drew my attention this week. when you're in a work, social situation you can pretty much tell who considers themselves "above" you in the social stratusphere by whether they approach you or you are expected to approach them. people who think they are very high up the ladder expect people to come to them. i hate shit like that.

thanks to Sweet T, GP and SIL for weighing in on the pink theme. i too thought it was over the top but there isn't a lot to choose from. perhaps it's time for me to start thinking of moving the blog to a new location, one with more graphic options. plus, i need to figure out how to save this so i have a copy somewhere. hmmm, something to ponder.

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