Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a better day

yes, much, much better day today. the coin flipped and the other side of my bi-polar nature kicked in : ) nah, just a better day. some hubby tlc, friends being friends and i went to the eye doc.

apparently mine eyes are spoiled by accuvue. it's the only brand i can wear. who knew? when i went to the eye doc this morning i told him this pair also sucked like the other 20 pair i've tried. they dry my eyes out, i look like i'm on crack and they're uncomfortable. he said he could put me on a moisture therapy drug (get your minds out of the gutter), put collagen (followed by silicon) stents in my tear ducts or i could go to glasses full time. i remain adamant about not wanting to wear glasses 24/7. i told him what about my old contacts? they felt fine i just couldn't see out of them. so, back to accuvues, different strength. i walked out and drove back to work feeling like i had new eyes. i could see so clearly, they felt great (cos i couldn't feel them at all) and life was good. that is until i sat at my desk and the computer screen was blurry. i knew i'd have to wear reading glasses but i didn't realize it would be that bad. so we'll see. i'll try the granny glasses tomorrow and take it from there.

i also have an appt. later this week and i'm going to have my thyroid checked.

i'm trying to make arrangements for the boy's upcoming 8th birthday. my baby, sniff sniff, will be 8 on october 28. i can't believe it. why did birthday parties get to be about skating and video arcades instead of cake and ice cream at home??

how many of you know what jit is? or git? i don't know how to spell it. it is a synonym of jism, cum, ejaculate. not my word you understand, it's a hub's word. i asked a few people today and they'd never heard of it. is this a made up word?

my "employee" gave me flowers for boss's day today. how incredibly sweet : )

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creative kerfuffle said...

i think git is brittish but jit (like the j in jello) is cum.