Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

OMG i'm so stoked, it's halloween my favorite holiday!!! hooray!

so this year at work my coworkers and i are peace, love and happiness (i'm happiness). do not laugh those of you who have witnessed my bi-polar side : )

this morning i put on my costume (bright yellow t-shirt that i painted a smiley face on). the girl said, uh, mom, you might get sexually harassed in that shirt because the eyes are right on your boobs. i already was not loving the outfit--short sleeve, bright yellow (i look hideous in yellow) and a bit snug. i took them to school and came home and whipped up another shirt instead. white long sleeve t with a smiley face painted on and i'm wearing pig tails (suggestion from donut).

omg i think there should be a national pig tail day or something cos its too fun. there's something about wearing pig tails that just makes a person happy i think. or maybe its the bad school girl aura or something but it rocks!

few things to note:
the hubs got a frame for the boys mona lisa and hung it in his room--he's incredibly happy.

the girl was pleased with the clothes i bought her yesterday, which is good cos she's at that stage where she's hard to buy clothes for.

on the way home yesterday the kids were talking about babies (the boy's 1st grade teacher had her's yesterday) and the girl made some comment about good thing it was a girl because when the boy was born his penis was on upside down. i said---uh, what are you talking about? she: you and daddy said his penis was upside down and they had to fix it. me: uh, no. he had to be circumcised. her: oh, yeah, like in the bible. the boy, meanwhile is pulling his pants down in the backseat to make sure everything is ok. boy: it looks fine to me.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could pull off pigtails! I tried to do my hair that way last night. I think I'd have to have someone else fix them for me. May have to try soon.

My ex said that pigtails were naughty. I think that all depends on your age.

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

it was harder to do than i thought. of course it's been a million years since i wore pigtails. the hubs had already left this morning when i put mine up so i'll be curious to see his reaction. hair is a turn on for him so i'm thinking he'll probably dig the tails ; )
i'm w/ your ex--i think when you're an adult there's something deliciously naughty about pigtails.