Thursday, October 11, 2007

another man i love

Stephen King.

ah, my literary love. back in my formative years i devoured stephen king books. i read him before he was cool. well, hell, the literary world/critics have never given him his due but i was reading him before he was really mainstream.

that man can twist your brain and manipulate your emotions so exquisitely it's almost orgasmic. sure, he's nothing to look at, but you have to love a mind like that.

here's what got me to thinking about him today. his short stories are sheer genius. i would love to be friends with him. learn how to write from him, not that i think you can actually learn how to write, you just do it. but he would be a kick ass mentor.

non sequitors:
coupla good things today--first, omg i'm so in love with this weather. it's marshmallow roasting, bonfire building, snuggling up cuddling up, crisp, soup eating, leaf raking, jacket wearing, almost halloweening FALL : )

second--i finally had the talk with my co-worker/employee that i've been dreading and putting off for weeks. i'm sort of her boss (when it's convenient to the company) and my boss wasn't happy w/ things. i suck as a boss/manager and never know how to handle things, mainly because i think like an employee not a boss and hate office bullshit. anyway, it's all good.

oh, for those wondering---the answer to the trivia question (as GP pointed out in the comment section) is danny ocean. yummy


Anonymous said...

I (heart) Stephen King, too. I haven't read much of his lately, aside from "1408," but I have a large collection. I think "The Stand" is my favorite. I need to reread it. His sense of humor kills me.

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

why didn't i know that? i didn't know you hearted sk too! i haven't read 1408. the last one i got was lisey's story (VERY cool name!) but i haven't finished it. hubs got it for me, hardback, which i love, but hardbacks don't travel well. the stand has always been my fave. i have the unabridged version : ) i have a big collection too.