Sunday, October 21, 2007

weekend of firsts

hey there. how are you? good weekend? ours was pretty good. yesterday we carved our four pumpkins. i took pics and hope to get them on the blog but am too lazy right this minute to do so. this is the first year we had a white pumpkin. it looks pretty cool : ) i love carving pumpkins. the girl and i roasted and ate the seeds--the boys don't like them.

today i had an eye opener. if you haven't watched the movie click with adam sandler, watch it. omg. it was one of those smack you in the face wake up call movies, well, at least it was for me. i missed the first part but apparently he, adam, gets a remote control for life that lets you fast forward through the moments you don't necessarily like. i was bawling by the end of the movie. folks, even when life sucks, even when there are moments you'd rather not go through, we all need to learn to live each day importantly.

after that we went to starbucks---pumpkin spice latte for me : ). it was the first time the hubs and the kids have been to starbucks. omg can you believe it? wow. i don't even know what to say about that.

another first, this afternoon the kids and i painted our front door. my bro will understand this cos it's something our dad did when we were growing up, and my bro does at his house for christmas. we painted a pumpkin person on the glass of our front screen door. i can see you may be confused. i'll take a pic and try to post that this week too.

we had fajitas for dinner--first time we've made them at our house. i know, you're thinking what kind of rock do we live under, but we'd just never made them. obviously we've eaten them but not made them. the kids of course didn't really like them. i thought they were tasty.

other movies we saw this weekend: happy feet. gotta love it for two reasons, no three, first, penguins, hello what's not to like? second, dancing, penguins dancing; three robin williams. i really think even when he's in a suck ass movie he's hysterical. plus it had a good message of you don't have to be like everyone else in the rookery to be good; be yourself and be true to yourself.

lots of alfred hitchcock movies on this weekend. you know how you've seen snippets of movies and they're such classics you just assume you've seen the whole thing? well, i had never seen all of the birds and psycho. wow. i'm impressed. they really are good good movies. i liked them both. i'd seen bits and pieces of both but hadn't sat down and watched them all the way through. i had no idea. i find it interesting though that the women in these two films were not only headstrong but a bit arrogant to boot. not always the most clever women, but interesting characters nonetheless.

presidential debates on now. i guess i should be a good citizen and watch but omg those things make me sick. why can't they do it like vinnick and santos did on tww (the west wing) and just drop the rules and actually have a real debate without rhetoric. i hate fucking politics and politicians.

the hubs is making jerky tonight, omg the house smells so good.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed. You guys had a very productive weekend, and new stuff to boot!

I liked Happy Feet, too. It made me think of you.

I sat in my favorite chair all afternoon yesterday and watched movies on TNT. Girly movies that made me wish I had a boyfriend like the guys in the movies. You know, the unattainable kind. :) Made for nice dream fodder, though.

Hope you post pics soon!

Sweet T

Anonymous said...

hey - i keep meaning to ask you - have you heard the new pat monahan song yet?

creative kerfuffle said...

fantasy men will always lose out to the real thing because they are perfect. they aren't there for the day in day out stuff, which also can be a drawback though. it's nice to get lost in fantasy land sometimes but i'm glad for the jerky-maker i have ; )

GP---no dammit i haven't heard pat's new song (one of my fantasy men). i have heard the 1-2-3-4 song on the radio though. love it.