Tuesday, October 9, 2007

myriad stuff

i took the boy to the doctor today. diagnosis? allergy asthma. the doc, who's seen both kids since they were babies (when the girl was really sick and in the doc's office twice a week for blood work), asked the boy how his sister was. the boy said, well, i don't really pay attention to her that much. the doc laughed and said, i expected you to say something like that. then he asked, well, does she still live in the same house as you. the boy said, sadly, yes. gotta love siblings.

recently i bought the girl "bras." these are a step up from the training t-shirt like thing she was wearing, these are more like bikini tops. she wanted the full fledged padded versions but i put my foot down. she needs something, only because she is starting to blossom a bit, but not padded. anyway, last night i noticed she was wearing one with her pajamas. when i asked her about it she said, you mean i don't have to wear it all the time? i said, uh, no. funny how i just took for granted that she'd know to change it when she changed clothes. oy vey.

as i'm sitting at work today trudging through emails and trying to get motivated to do something spectacular i came up with a list.

this is my list of jobs my husband could not have:
Penthouse photographer
plastic surgeon
porn star
animal shelter worker/vet (cos he'd bring them all home)

words/phrases i dislike:
super cute--usually used by young or immature girls when they describe things--brittney, i saw this super cute skirt that would look great on you. or amber that purse is super cute. gag, makes me want to hurl.

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