Tuesday, October 30, 2007

putting myself out there

as i said before, big t talked me into signing up to do this blog a day thing for the month of november. despite the fact that i've been out here in blog land for like two years now my visitors are pretty much the same crew, my adoring friends and family ; )

since i signed up last night my traffic is up. it's a bit freaky to say the least. i think knowing (for the most part) who my readers are it has shaped my posts and i've found a bit of a comfort zone in it. i know in the back of my head that anyone can read my blog since it's on the internet but i got lulled into the idea that nobody else was.

things have changed. i think this could be a good thing mostly. by the same token it's scary. what if my posts really are as boring as i think they've become? what if people don't like my blog? i know, insecurity rears its ugly head but i think all creative brains have these thoughts right?

the hubs keeps telling me i should get back to writing a book. i've started so many and honestly haven't thought about my real writing for a long time. it petrifies me to be honest. i do not know how to write a book without exposing myself. i do not know how to build characters that are not obviously based on people i know. damn i wish stephen king would be my friend and tell me how the fuck to get started : )

buckle your seat belts boys and girls, november could be a bumpy blog ride.

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