Monday, October 29, 2007

scents and sensuality

in the grocery store this weekend i smelled polo, the men's cologne. it immediately whisked me back to college. i don't know when polo came out but it seems every guy in the late 80s was wearing it. it's a strong cologne but at the same time sexy. however, i've never bought it for the hubs cos then all the other 80s girls would be after him : ) although polo always triggers memories i really prefer when the hubs wears cologne that you get a slight whiff of that makes you want to nuzzle into his neck for more. that's a good cologne.

when i smell red door or white shoulders i think of one of my aunt's and my mom. love's baby soft was my first perfume.

i don't know that i have a signature scent but i think it would be cool to have one.

sensuality--sexual healing by marvin gaye. that's actually what prompted me to blog now because i was working and that song came on pandora and totally got into my head. how can you hear that song and not want to.....fill in the blank.

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Anonymous said...

My high school boyfriend wore Polo. I loved it, but it can be really strong. Like when his best friend bathed in it. Ugh.

I wear Body by Victoria. It's nice, but it goes away too fast. I did get a compliment on it yesterday, though. Too bad it was from a woman.

Sweet T