Tuesday, October 9, 2007

geez laweeze

ok, i got to looking through my blog (i'm supposed to be doing bills right now) and am waxing sentimental about some of my posts. sniff sniff. (i'm as bad as the boy who's been lately been watching home videos of when he was a baby).

so because of this, you must suffer. these are some of my fave posts : )

Where I'm From

good things

I'm Calling Him Bubba Ass

Things You Might Not Know about Me

What about my balls?

Our Familiar things

la petit morte

hell, there are more but i really am going to pay bills now.


Anonymous said...

I thought about the "Where I'm From" entry the other day, and I want to do one for myself, since I've been in this weird introspective mood as of late. I'll have to re-read it and I'll let you know if I make up my own. The thought kinda scares me, to be honest. Being honest scares me, too, lately. Does anybody else ever go through this?

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

i think about it all the time. being honest with yourself, others, yes, it's petrifying. thankfully i have a few people i can be honest with, and hell, i'm honest about things here--it does help. it makes you realize you aren't really as crazy as you might have thought and if you are, well, pretty much everyone else is too. write where you're from--i want to read it.