Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Using the Internet

I had a meeting today about using the Internet; more specifically how our company is building up its Internet presence by having online publications that have blogs, exclusive copy etc. Sounds like a good idea, though I don't ever see actual print media going away, but this evening I got to thinking about how I use the Internet (for personal use, not work) and, considering that I'm an average Internet user, what the majority of the world uses it for.

I blog because I like to write and share ideas and have this interactive forum (props to my peeps who've been leaving comments! I don't know if it pops up in your email when I respond to the comments, but I am trying to do that with all of them.)

I look at my kids' school Web site.

Sometimes I hit next blog button on blogger when I'm bored and looking around. Occasionally I'll find a cool blog that I'll read for a few months (haven't done that in awhile though, actually since taking my current job--no time).

I email constantly. I love email. I miss getting real letters in the mail, but love email just the same.

I occasionally visit retail Web sites--eBay, Amazon, Target, etc.

However, when I look at publications like magazines I never go to their Web site. I love reading magazines, I like the sound of the paper, the portability, being able to tear out pictures, etc.

How do you use the Internet? Do you read magazines online? Would you rather read one online or in person? Do you think the Internet will ever replace print media?

(I just did spell check. Apparently I can't spell occassionally.)


Anonymous said...

I use the internet to look up things, like I need a map of TX to see where a city is near. I also use it to keep up with my family. I am really enjoying this blog, it makes me laugh out loud sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I use the Web to do all kinds of research, from travel planning to finding old classmates to reading the news. I use it for work some, but more for personal stuff. I don't think print will go away, and I rarely ever visit magazine Web sites. Especially if I get the magazine. I love print!