Saturday, March 31, 2007

First day of Spring Break

Once we got up and about today it was fairly productive. We took turns mowing, I love to mow (riding lawn mower not push). The Hubs planted four rose bushes, I planted some flowers--odd looking things, African daisies, something I can't remember the name of and a strawberry pink geranium.
(This is the African daisy.)

I weeded the front flower bed, which has tons of shoots of stuff in it. I'm bad about planting things and forgetting what I've planted, so there's no telling what bulbs are in that bed.

Maw-Maw's peony, the one I transplanted from her yard, is coming up and I think it's even spreading. I will be so happy if it actually blooms this year. So far I'm just thankful I haven't killed it! The day lilies we got from Big T last year (or the year before) also are coming up and spreading. Thanks Big T! The yard is starting to come together all in all.

We also did some cleaning, grocery shopping and we're doing laundry now. Gotta get things done so we can go to the beach Monday! Yeah! The last time we went was with the SIL and The Bro and nephew a year or more ago. We had a blast then. I love the beach, not all the touristy crap, but the sound of the waves, the sand, the shells, the water.

The Hubs and I went to the beach for our honeymoon--it was the first time he'd seen the ocean. Amazing. Though my memory isn't that great I remember we found a German restaurant that we now go back to whenever we're there; we walked on the beach at night, we had dinner at a restaurant on the pier and danced to Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, I talked him into getting his ear pierced because I thought it was sexy : ), there were stray cats living in the hotel parking lot and we left our handcuffs (the ones we'd bought in the hotel gift shop) in the room when we checked out and I was completely embarrassed : ) LOL

This is really the first vacation we've had since, geez, I can't even remember. We didn't take one last Spring break and I don't think we really took one the year before. I was off with the kids at Christmas but that wasn't like going on vacation. We need to do this more often.

At the same time I'm sort of paranoid about work. Aside from Christmas when nobody is around anyway, this is the first time I've been out this long since starting this job last April. I get the impression that vacations are frowned upon for the most part, like you're supposed to live and breathe the company regardless. I think I'm doing a good job, at least most of the time, but this job is so much more stressful than my other position. I really didn't realize how good I had it then. OK, no more work talk, I'm on vacation.

While The Hubs napped this evening and the kids watched the Nick Choice Awards (what a cool idea for kids, they vote on best actors, singers, etc. very neat idea. Interesting young hottie--Drake from Drake & Josh. I'm sure he's barely 20 or somewhere around there, but he's hot for a young guy, plays guitar and sings. I digress.) I fiddled around online hitting the Next Blog button. I used to find interesting blogs that way, but now it seems they're all in another language or are ads for something or another. I did stumbled upon one which was pretty scary. I don't even know how to describe it. It was an S&M thing, written by the submissive slave. She described her beatings, etc. I was stunned. How and why do people find that sexually exciting? Humiliated, tortured and exposed and that's exciting? Uh, no thank you.

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