Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Too wobbly and the bathing suit

So The Hubs just told me this story from earlier in the week.

The kids were talking in the car after he'd picked them up from daycare. The Boy was saying something about being a Knot Head (one of the things The Hubs calls him from time to time) and that his head was so hard that he could drive a nail in a wall with it.

The Girl said, "You mean drive a nail in the wall with Mr. Wizzy?"
The Boy said, "No, Girl, that is too wobbly to nail something with." He then proceeded to tell her that when he runs it wobbles back and forth in his pants.

Two things--first that The Girl got the connection between head and Mr. Wizzy and two that The Boy is telling his sister about his Mr. Wizzy wobbling in his pants and that it's too wobbly!

So I've just realized that going to the beach means I need to get a bathing suit this weekend. I don't have a problem wearing a bathing suit at the beach around people I don't know but won't wear it around people who are acquaintances. Is that weird?


Anonymous said...

First, I love that the Hubs calls the Boy "Knot Head." My grandfather called me that! Makes me miss him more to hear it used on someone else.

Second, I can understand the bathing suit anonymity. You don't really care what people you don't know think. But someone you see on a regular basis is different. On the flip side, I don't usually want to see people I know in bathing suits. Especially people I work with! It's sometimes weird to see them in workout clothes when they're leaving the office to go to the gym.


Anonymous said...

A bathing suit is so much easier at the beach because you will see so many people who look worse than yourself. A wonderful self-confidence booster Smaller number are obviously more difficult due to odds! I personally think we should all swim in t-shirt and shorts.

creative kerfuffle said...

Good point SIL. Odds are better at not suffering by comparison in a large crowd, but for me it does still have something to do with them being people I know and see in non-social settings I think.