Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Family matters too

After much discussion and looking at timing and logistics etc. we decided late last night not to go to OK. The four of us flying would be at least two grand and because of time restraints we'd be driving four of the eight days. We've driven out there before, but not necessarily pushing that hard and fast unless it was an emergency. It's the kids' Spring Break, that would be no fun for them. Last year we didn't get to go anywhere for their Spring Break, I was in a new job couldn't take off and The Hubs was going through a lot of work crap too.

Instead we're going to go to the beach for a few days and a few other little fun things the kids have been wanting to do.

I'm relieved but still worried that The Hubs will regret it. Sometimes, even when you think you really know a person you can never REALLY know their deepest feelings. I'm still very disappointed in my FIL, still angry with him and sad for The Hubs.

He left this morning for a biz trip, coming home tomorrow. I think his travelling is starting to make him realize that I don't LOVE it when I have to go out of town either. I've always told him that but I think he's just now seeing things from the other side. Sure it's great to have someone else clean up your room and have some down time in the evenings etc. and on the off chance you get to do something fun (which isn't often) it's ok. But he missed Cub Scouts last night because of a meeting and will miss spending time with The Boy tonight (he and The Boy have "guy" time when The Girl and I have scouts) and that's made him realize travelling isn't all it's cracked up to be.


Anonymous said...

Glad you decided not to go. I know the Hubs wants to spend time with his Dad, but would it really be quality time? You know you'd be uncomfortable with the Aunt around and that whole situation. And you'd all be miserable on the rides out and back. What kind of vacation is that? Does it teach the kids anything?


Anonymous said...

you will have fun at the beach too. and it is probably more important to do something the kids will enjoy and have good memories of anyway.

creative kerfuffle said...

That's pretty much what The Hubs said. He said if he died a month from now he'd rather his kids have a fun beach/vacation last memory than a hurried, tiring, partly boring for them trip.

Still worry about him though.