Sunday, March 4, 2007

Good weekend

Friday night we went to the Sock Hop at the kids' school. The Boy won a bubble blowing contest, they both danced and generally had fun. The Girl spent the night with this little bitch of a girl I really do not like at all. The little girl has been obnoxious and a bitch since The Girl spent the night with her once last year. Every other week there's an argument and The Girl gets upset. For whatever reason The Girl has tried in vain to develop this friendship since last year and the little girl is just mean. That's why this year when The Girl became best friends with another little girl I was so happy. Anyway, the best friend is mad because The Girl was spending the night with the bitch and I hope she doesn't lose the best friend over this little hussy who will no doubt turn back into her hateful bitchiness next week.

We slept in late--I'm talking 11 a.m. late two days in a row! It was heavenly. Seems like we've been going full steam for so long, either with me travelling or The Hubs or something going on every weekend. It was good to just snooze in.

We also did our part to support the economy. We went to Costco, which I love and we made a stop in the Evil Empire, which I hate.

The folks came over for an early dinner today. We're not early dinner eaters normally. During the week it's because of work/daycare/scouts etc. but even on the weekends we're used to eating around 6 p.m. Today we ate around 4:30 since my dad goes to bed around 6. Of course he gets up at the ungodly hour of like 3a.m. It's really depressing to be around them though. This summer they will be married for 40 years and it is so obvious that they don't even enjoy being around each other. How can people live that way?

Growing up I remember the fights, which were pretty much a constant, but there were also some "normal" times in there. I remember as early as second grade being excited after one of their fights because Mom said we were leaving. Of course she never did. As I got older I guess I learned to tune them out. I know all married couples argue, The Hubs and I do from time to time, and we've even had our share of really ugly fights. I don't think I've asked for a divorce though in at least two years, but I was notorious for that at one time. Probably because that's what I always heard growing up.

I know some people stay together because of the kids, but aside from the fact that my almost 27 year old sister and her two kids live there off and on, they can't be staying together because of us. My Mom even told my brother and I a year or more ago that she wanted to leave our Dad. Growing up I was always on her side, mostly because that's how she manipulated things. But the older I've gotten I've seen that manipulative side of her and heard more of my Dad's side of the story and frankly I feel more sorry for him sometimes. Don't get me wrong, he's done some heinous, unforgivable things in his life and he's an alcoholic who denies it, but my Mom really and truly is a bitch. Hell, if I were married to her I'd probably be an alcoholic too.

But at this point in life, why spend the last third of it married to someone you can't stand? Don't they realize this is it? You have to enjoy life, surround yourself with people you love and enjoy being with, not spend it making your husband work a schedule that's so opposite yours that you basically never see each other. Of course that makes sense for my Mom because she's the Queen of Passive Aggressive behavior and avoidance.

To this day The Hubs knows the fastest way to cut me to the quick when we're in a spat is to tell me I'm just like my Mom or Dad. God, I hope my kids NEVER feel this way about me.

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Anonymous said...

First off I want to clear something up that I couldn't quite "see" reading between the lines of the blog. Is the little girl The Girl is friends with a bitch?


And speaking of bitches, you probably don't want your Mom to leave your Dad unless you're prepared to have her live with YOU one day. My own Mom has threatened that, and I honestly answered that the day she tries is the last day of the rest of her life.