Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rough week

It's been a rough week. Worked part of Sunday, yuck. Monday was a busy, back and forth kind of day. Donut and I worked together part of the day which led into a work party/event Monday night.

I had a 5pm appointment for drinks and then met Donut at the event. We had some wine and then we had some more. She and I rarely get to hang out alone outside of work and I had fun. Music, wine, outside, it was nice. Unfortunately I behaved rather stupidly and drove home. You'd think by now I'd learn not to do such things, but apparently not. The Hubs was understandably less than happy with me, though he didn't go off like he has in the past. He did give Donut a dose of what I got though : ) I think he said something like "You're getting ready to get married and she's got two kids and you two should have known better. You should have called me." Bless his heart.

I truly should have known better because I don't do alcohol well at all. I've never learned that stopping point (genetic perhaps?) of when enough is enough and one more will push me over the limit. No doubt the reason The Hubs isn't thrilled when I drink and am not around him. His job is saving me from myself I think.

The last time I committed this crime was also at a work event, the first one I went to after The Boy was born. This involved Crusty, Famous B and another co-worker. We all got in trouble that night too.

Rest of the week has been hectic at work, trying to get everything done because SPRING BREAK is next week and we're all off the whole week. I can't really remember the last time we took off a week together and actually did something. I just booked a hotel at the beach for a few nights. The kids will be so happy. Normally our vacations or trips revolve around visiting family. So we'll do the beach for a few days, putter in the yard, hit some museums with the kids and...yes, we're gearing up for a house party on the Sat. before Easter : )

Those of you reading who live in driving distance will be invited : ) Casual get together, our typical fete. There will be Disaronno!

So it's 10:40 p.m.--West Wing time : )

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Anonymous said...

I think your bro owes you a pick up also!