Friday, March 30, 2007

Single most effed up thing I've said

(We're watching West Wing and are coming up to the point where Josh is going to date Amy and in one scene they're listening to Van...I might have an O when I watch that scene.)

Anyway, so I was telling The Hubs about this Top Ten list I heard on the radio. It was a list of the Presidents who've been involved in sexual scandal. I can't remember all of the names but Clinton, believe it or not was #10. Kennedy was #5 or 6 then there was Johnson, Harding, Taft, Jefferson, Washington (#1) and a Roosevelt. I misspoke and said FDR and The Hubs was like, uh, how does that work, he was in a wheelchair.

This is what led to what he says is the most effed up thing I've ever said to him. I simply said that if he were in a wheelchair I'd sort of have know, seek additional human help. Oral is great and wonderful but at some point you need something else, something not plastic or man-made.

He was creative and offered alternatives, but I wrong? God forbid something happens to the man in your life but are you ready to say right here and now you could spend the rest of your life without intercourse?

I for one can't.

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