Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring is here

We had "date" night last night. Dropped the kids off at The Bro & SIL's and went shopping for flowers : ) I know, you expected something else huh? Nope, shopping for flowers and dinner. Of course we got a few other things in like West Wing and relaxing but those are the only details you'll get : )

Today I picked the kids up, watched my nephew's soccer game and came home and planted some flowers so I can check that off my list. We planted some hibiscus

along one of the fence lines and I'm putting hydrangeas in huge pots.

We also got this cool, three-tiered planter for the front porch and we planted a mix of flowers in that today. The Hubs mowed (though I love to mow) and we basically busted butt all day. The Girl spent the day at a friends house and The Boy had a friend come over for the day.
All in all a very productive, satisfying day. Oh, and I got a recliner : ) Actually, a month or so ago when we went shopping for a recliner for The Hubs we found two we liked. Ok, he found one and I found one. He picked his up about a month ago and mine was delivered today. It's my first piece of furniture with microfiber and I'm so excited. It looks like a bomber jacket but it's microfiber; it rocks. We'll it rocks and reclines actually.
So, we're winding down now, going to figure out where to put the recliner, perhaps pour some Disaronno and chill.

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