Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pregnant or getting old?

I'm not trying to get too personal here but apparently I am either pregnant or getting old. The heresay is that women reach their sexual peak in their 30s; as a late bloomer at almost 39 I may have entered this category.

It seems a switch has been flipped in my hormonal balance, much like it was both times I was pregnant, and I am resembling the mindset of an 18 year old boy.

This turn of events, and the discussions about such events that The Hubs and I have participated in, led me to do some Internet research tonight.

I was in fact trying to find out if the whole myth about male/female sexual peaks was true--you know the one where guys reach theirs at 18 and women in their 30s, but there isn't really a lot of scientific fact behind that.

Through my studies this evening I've learned that it is also still in dispute as to not only the location of but the actual existence of the G spot (named after some German scientist). I have learned that there aren't necessarily two different kinds of female orgasms, which I had assumed, but rather they're sort of lumped together as one. I also read that Freud said that young women have clitoral orgasms but when they mature they have vaginal orgasms--this has since been disproved since they think there's only one type of orgasm. More knowledge--the head of the penis and the clitoris originate from the same type of cells at creation so they experience similar feelings; some believe that the foreskin is actually a natural stimulant to the vagina, which means that when you circumcise a man you are not only robbing the women he has sex with of pleasure you are also robbing him of pleasure.

Although all of these bits of knowledge are interesting, what I found most astonishing is that there isn't a lot of well documented, scientific Western study on sex. There are a million theories, but not a lot of actual data. However, China is thought to have the most extensive research on the topic because the Eastern mentality is much more open than the Western, at least in terms of sex. Go figure.

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