Sunday, March 11, 2007


(We had dinner at the folks house tonight for my Dad's birthday so my next post will be a White Trash blog for sure, but for now let's take a stroll down memory lane.)

As many of you know, The Hubs and I have known each other for quite awhile--24 years to be exact. We met when our Dads were stationed in Germany. Tonight we were talking about when we were dating back then. Most of these stories involve making out.

I lived on the second floor of army housing and he lived in the building behind me. One afternoon my Mom was sitting downstairs outside and The Hubs and I were upstairs in our living room making out. My brother, who was about 9 at the time caught us and immediately ran down the stairs yelling Mom, they're making out up there!

I freaked out but The Hubs said, Don't worry I'll take care of it. He then proceeded to go downstairs and tell my Mom a bold faced lie for the first time. He looked her in the eye and told her my brother was lying because he was mad that we didn't take him with us to the movies. My brother got a spanking.

After a date, The Hubs and I would make out in our stairwell. The stairwell lights were on timers and clicked off after about 10 minutes. The light would click off, we'd make out fast and furious until my Mom would yell from behind the door, Turn the light on! We'd click the light on again (but I wouldn't make out with the light on because people could see in) talk for a few minutes, waiting for the light to click off again.

One of the things people said when they were stationed overseas and were talking about the U.S. they'd say the World. Like, Hey were did you get that cassette tape? Oh, my friend from back in the World sent it to me. When your Dad received his orders and you found out you were moving in 60 days you were called short (as in short timer). You'd tell people, I'm going back to the World soon, my Dad got his orders.

When we dated The Hubs was allowed to come in to my bedroom when he came to visit because we didn't have a den. We had to keep the door open though so at anytime my parents or brother or sister could come be-bopping in. Despite this, we learned to listen for the squeak of the hardwood floors and made out anyway. One such time we were caught up in a moment and didn't hear my Mom coming down the hall until it was too late. The Hubs, who's pants were unzipped and a certain body part was hanging out rolled over onto his stomach and my Mom came and sat down beside him. He told her he'd get up but he really hurt his back earlier that day. She sat there and talked with us for a few minutes and then got up and left. He still remembers the pain.

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