Thursday, March 1, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Made it home last night. The house was clean, garage was clean, kids' homework done and everything. Yeah Hubs!

I did get a little more detail from the Girl on the date. Apparently the Boyfriend tried a little harder to impress her than she did him. She said he had on too much cologne or deodorant and was stinky. LOL Poor kid.

The Boy wrote me this sweet note (his hair cut looks soooo cute!).

Dear Mommy,
I love you as much as I can count.
You make me smile when I am sad, and I'll love you even when I die.
your babby
I love mommy.
your the best mommy ever.
thank you!

Big T brought me in some Van CDs (THANK YOU!) and my order of other CDs came in too. Here's what I got:

Frampton Comes Alive--This was my first concert (3rd grade) and I have the album but no way to listen to it.

Reflections Carly Simon's Greatest Hit---because I love her and had cassettes of her but only one CD

Actual Miles--Don Henley's Greatest Hits

Van Morrison--Astral Weeks--because it's Van and I now love him.

Whitney Houston--don't laugh. It's an old CD, one I had a tape of in high school. When the Hubs took me to Paris for my senior trip this was the tape I took with me so it was like the background music for that time. : )

Sarah McLachlan--Surfacing--because the Hubs likes girl singers and I thought he'd like it.

John Denver's Greatest Hits--this one the Hubs picked out and I haven't seen yet but it has Country Roads on it, props to WV.


Anonymous said...

Dear God if you listen to John Denver than you really ARE a sister-separated-at-birth.

My older sister is completely enamored with him. When he got chopped up by the propeller of his experimental plane a few miles from my house, I offered to comb the beach for a truly unique souvenir for her. (I'd have said "one of a kind" but there where a LOT of pieces.)


creative kerfuffle said...

I tell you, in some past life I was part of the TL crew, no doubt!

And, even more evidence to the fact we're "kin" while others might find your description of the late John's death callus and gruesome, I laughed hysterically!