Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Late night housekeeping

I'm packed and ready to come home but can't sleep so I'm reading through the blog. There are a few things I need to update.

Two years ago I wrote these goals and I was looking at what I've accomplished so far.

1. Make it through the day without spilling something on myself. Accomplished. I didn't spill a single thing on myself today.

2. Make it through the workday doing ONLY work, nothing personal, like, say, writing a blog. Stupid goal. I'm a creative spirit, I can't get through the day doing just work stuff. I HAVE to divert my attention sometimes to rejuvenate the creative side for work.

3. Make it through a major holiday without feeling like I would have rather spent the day cleaning bedpans in a mental institution. This past Christmas wasn't too terribly painful with the family (who STILL, by the way, have the Christmas lights up outside and the plastic Santa in the yard.)

4. Before I’m 40 I want to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Hmm, I don't know if anyone ever really figures out what they want to be when they grow up you just have to figure out if what you're doing makes you happy. For the most part the job (aside from the travel) makes me happy most of the time it's just all the extraneous things/people I have to deal with that frustrates me.

5. Start and complete a craft project. I've started crocheting another blanket for the Hubs but it's not finished yet. Of course I just started it a few weeks ago. I should have packed that and I could have worked on it this week. Can you have a crochet hook in your checked bags these days? I've also been thinking about more artistic endeavors. Believe it or not in high school and even some in college I took art classes and loved them. Mostly sketching but also some pottery. Since then I've painted one thing--a rather odd thing that's hanging in my bedroom. Abstract, and depending on how you look at it there's an unintentional phallic symbol in it. There's also what looks to be a snake swallowing a ball.

6. Get a mammogram before I’m 40. Done! Thanks for the Mammeries!

7. Walk on that treadmill in my garage starting out at two hours a week; I know it’s not a lot by any means, unless of course you’re a slug, but we’re going from zero to 120 minutes of exercise here folks. Not done. I also need to do some crunches or something to get rid of this root beer belly. : )

Then there's the list of things I like. I'll just highlight the updates/changes.

Extra bubble gum—two pieces I'm off the gum chewing thing, probably due to the root canal I had earlier in the year.

Dirty vodka martinis replaced by Guinness and most recently Disaronno, thanks for the spell check TS : )

La petit morte No, of course this hasn't changed but I think I may have gone too far with my readers on writing a poem about it : ) Words people, they're words and I love words and thought it was a pretty accurate description.

Train—Lincoln Avenue, Drops of Jupiter Also not changed but added to my list is of course Van Morrison. I'm jonesin' for some Van. I have the CD with me! : ) As soon as I get in my car tomorrow I'm putting it in and cranking it up! "I want to rock your gypsy soul..." And my friend Big T has informed me that she's got 3 Van CDs waiting on me when I get back! (I have GREAT friends!!!) It does make me smile though when we get in the car and the Boy asks to hear Drops of Jupiter.

Bulb catalogs We have a catalog at home right now that we're going to order from. Which will help cross off one of the things on my To Do list--plant more flowers.

Finding just the right strand of hair to twirl around my finger And now the color looks good so it's even better!

Ok, it's like 1:30 a.m. I get on a plane in 9 hours. I should get some sleep.

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