Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flip flops

Today wasn't the greatest day to begin with. My allergies kicked in and the person I've become to regard as my arch nemesis, the Queen of Evil, was on the war path today and my small little part of the world fell under her shadow.

I managed to find a happy spot, cranked up the Van on the way home, sang at the top of my lungs and left the worries behind. Then I picked up my wonderful children at daycare.

First words out of The Girl's mouth:
I need flip flops.

Me: I know sweetie, you need some sandals and stuff and we'll get them this weekend.
Her: No, I need them tomorrow. I'm going to die of heat stroke tomorrow, it's going to be 90 degrees.
Me: You won't die of heat stroke, and we'll get your stuff this weekend.
Her: I don't have anything to wear except jeans and long sleeves and everyone is wearing flip flops tomorrow.
Me: I'll help you go through your clothes tonight to find you something that's not long sleeves or jeans and you can wear your crocs.

This led to an extended rant on her part until we got home. Once we got home she proceeded to sit at the kitchen table, slamming books around or throwing them on the floor, while I was making dinner. Apparently I am a horrible mother because she's going to die of heat stroke, that when I took my marriage vows I said I'd take care of my kids (really, must have missed that part of my vows) and how I buy stuff for myself whenever I want or need it but she has to wait until after pay day. She's been waiting five months (granted, it's been WINTER) for sandals and has been hot all winter, waiting for pay day. I must say the first word of sandals was mentioned Sunday and I told her then we'd get stuff this coming weekend.

I let her rant, not quite sure how I wanted to handle the whole thing. After about 20 minutes I told her to go to her room because I was tired of listening to her. She slammed a stool and kept ranting. I spanked her (four swats on the butt) and sent her to her room.

Her: I don't care what you say or do to me. I don't care what you think of me. I'm never going to help you with anything again.

Then The Hubs came home. I gave him the abbreviated version, she gave her side. We ate dinner and then The Hubs and The Boy went to Cub Scouts.

The Girl went outside. I came to the computer and panicked briefly as I couldn't get online. She came in, went back out and slammed the door. I opened the door and told her not to do that again. She through her gum. I made her come in and go to her room.

She proceeded to rant and tell me how horrible I am. She's been yelling and ranting for, oh, about another 20 minutes, mixed with high pitched keening and crying. She has, so far, called me an ugly bitch, thrown suckers (where did those even come from) at me while I was standing in her doorway, called me dumb, said I prefer The Boy to her, and I think she just called me ugly and fat again. There also was some comment about how did it feel to be cussed out by a fourth grader. Now we're back to the 20 decibel wailing. I think she's now purposely blowing snot all over her room. I have lost all control.

I've threatened to take away the allowance, computer, etc. and she doesn't care. I'm not going to spank her again, that doesn't do anything and it makes me feel too much like my parents. I'm not even yelling, though I so could go off on her right now without batting an eye. (The screaming continues.) I shut her bedroom door but she's opened it so I'm sure to hear her.

After she threw the suckers and I went to sit down on her bed, and she looked at me with hate in her eyes, I told her again she needed to stop. I said you know your Dad wouldn't be happy about this (which now I hate I even said because again that so sounds like my Mom, except she always said wait until your Dad gets home) she said I only care what Daddy thinks and he's the only one who believes in me anyway. I don't care about you, I hate you.

I'm going to calmly tell her to stop the screaming.

The crying continues.

Her: I'm desperate. I'm a girl without flipflops.
I had to laugh at that, the melodrama!
Her: Is that amusing? You're amused that I don't have flip flops?

Does anyone have a Zanex?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe she asked you if "that was amusing?"

a girl without flip flops, is that like a man without a country??

Anonymous said...

and it is Xanex i think.

Whistler said...

What the heck is going on with her???

Anonymous said...

Just so you all know, the girl is a carbon copy of her mother. This is why they fuss at each other so much. I was of course not allowed to get involved in this situation. Respect is something that I take very seriously.


creative kerfuffle said...

A girl without flip flops apparently is a critical thing at 10. I dread the next 8 years. Zanex, Xanex hell, Mary Jane would be better than both : ) LOL
And for the record, no I didn't let The Hubs get involved in this one but The Girl and I did have a talk on the way to scouts tonight and I told her it won't happen again, I won't keep it from her Dad again and she's restricted for a week from the computer.
And, while she may be a carbon copy of me, I NEVER called my mother an ugly bitch to her face, not even now.