Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fool's

I called The Bro this evening, slurring my speech a little and asked if he could come and pick me and Donut up in HP : ) He laughed and said yes and where were we, where should he pick me up etc. I let it go on a little bit then April Fooled him : )

I was going to try to April Fool you all and tell you I'd had a dream last night that I was pregnant--some of you know that whenever I've dreamed of someone, including myself, being pregnant it has come true. Alas, no I'm not. Sometimes, like when I hold other people's babies I totally could see having another one, then reality hits and I'm glad I don't have another.

I found a bathing suit today that I think I actually like and might even consider wearing around people I know. We'll see. We're in cleaning/packing/laundry mode getting everything ready for tomorrow.

Dogs to the kennel, run by post office and then we're beach bound! Wahoo!

The Hubs and I were talking today and he admitted that he thinks I'm bi-polar like my sister--even to the degree she is. Not a comforting thought. I've joked about it here but in the dark corners of my mind I'm not certain that I'm not. Mood swings, highs/lows, depressions (though not nearly like I used to get, actually I've not been blue or depressed for a very long time now). He said he thinks my will and him are the things that keep me from being like her though. And, if I let it happen I could be or am an alcoholic. Not that I drink every day, I don't. I don't really even drink that much at all but when I do I don't know when to stop. Sobering thoughts. : ) Pun intended.

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