Sunday, August 26, 2007


Last night was the best birthday celebration I've ever had. Most of my readers were there, but for those who weren't I have to share.

About a month ago The Hubs told me to save last night as a date night to celebrate our birthdays. (They're four days apart.) Donut came over to babysit the kids.

I had talked to my Bro earlier in the day about coming to a little family thing today. Initially it was to celebrate our birthdays until I realized it was my folks 40th anniversary so we were just going to make it their celebration instead. Bro was talking about how they were busy and my SIL is feeling the 1st trimester slump of being tired/hungry most of the time (yeah, I don't miss that at all!). So he said he might come over today.

Donut comes to watch the kids and The Hubs and I were going to dinner and then bowling. Five minutes after we left the house I realized I didn't bring socks to bowl in. The Hubs said he was pretty hungry and if we went back the kids would just want to come with us, so we'd eat then pick up a pair of socks.

So we had dinner on our date. Talked about the fact that we've known each other for 25 years, longer than I've known anyone else except my family. It was great. As we're leaving the restaurant, Donut calls.

The kids were rough housing in the bathroom and pulled the sink basin out of the wall and she couldn't get the water turned off. We had to go home. I was freaking out. Great, I said one more thing would send me over the edge and here it was. The Hubs is asking when Lowe's closes and is talking about buying a new sink etc. I'm just thinking Fuck, I'm really going to lose it now.

We pull in the drive, walk in the kitchen and I see all these decorations and food. I'm like WTF? Then there is a house full of people coming through from the hallway to the den yelling surprise. I was stunned! Almost all of my good friends were there (Guinea Pig you were sadly missed!). My friend Sunshine couldn't come but her hubby did, which was amusing. Everyone else I love was there, it was so very very wonderful.

My kids didn't say a word. All my friends and family that knew for a month or so didn't say a word. The Hubs and Donut really made this my best birthday. It was exciting, and surprising and it made me feel so special that they went to all of that trouble and that all of those people showed up to help me celebrate. It ranks up there with one of the best moments of my life folks, really. I don't know what else to say, it was awesome.

I can't even begin to tell you how many brownie points this has scored the Hubs and Donut : )

As people started leaving and the group got smaller we played a dice game. I'm not sure anyone but me was as into it, but they played like troopers : ) And I lost the game! : ) After everyone left we went swimming for a little bit ; )---that is until the jello shots and Donut Express's started making themselves known. I started feeling a little bad, had a little difficulty getting down the pool ladder, but I did make it inside before I hurled : )

The Hubs said he knew it was a good party because I started the night crying with happiness and ended it puking : )

I'm fine today, tired despite the fact we slept in and just took a nap. The folks came over, were surprised we had a cake for them (and such a great watermelon fruit basket! : ) i didn't take credit for it Big T) and snacks. My sister and I swam with the kids for a while and we all visited and they left.


Anonymous said...

It was nice to see your blog titles go from "woe is me" to "wow"! Glad to be a part of the birthday festivities.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout out. i hate that i wasn't able to come! i am glad you had a great time though - you deserved it!!

creative kerfuffle said...

ya know, all i have to say is i have the greatest friends and the best husband.