Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Second night in the shoebox

Lots of random thoughts tonight--I'm drinking a venti iced coffee so might be a little disjointed.

I know I've been bitching a lot about the travel etc. and really there are two reasons, ok, maybe three. The first is that I've been away from home way way way too much this summer. I'm not cut out for that. I like our family routines. The second is that I go to the same places all the time, and though each (Vegas, NY and Atlanta) are great cities, except Vegas, on their own, after the first or second time you get over it. Vegas, the only things I like are the Bellagio fountain and that German restaurant I went to last September. NY I like Times Square and I like the European feel the city has--all the melding of cultures etc. the sidewalk cafes, the life. Aside from my first visit here when I made Guinea Pig go with me to the top of the Empire State building and another time when I went to SoHo, I haven't seen much. Atlanta, another Guinea Pig (and Donut) good time is Kyma restaurant, which I've not been to for a few years. The third thing is that by the time your done working for the day and if you don't have a work dinner you're pretty much worn out. And, now I don't really travel with my friend friends much. Donut and I get to hang out in Atlanta but that's the only place. Big T normally has a work dinner so I don't get to hang with her much. The other people I travel with are perfectly nice but they aren't my peeps, know what I mean?

Next subject. The Hubs had a wreck today. He's ok, but the car isn't. He was actually parked at one of his stores and not in the car and a truck hit it. So, now he has to go to Charlotte tomorrow and needs to get a rental car in the am--this happened at the end of the day so the car rental place was closed. My first thought when he called me was that he was in a wreck and hurt. WTF would I have done then? Found a way to get a flight home tonight. He's ok but having to deal with the car mess is a pain in the ass I'm sure. Mine of course is parked at the airport and I have the only keys.

What else? The kids are doing great at my aunt's. I felt weird asking her only because we don't really talk often. Not because I don't like her but just because we were never in that habit. Though, when I first moved back to the states after high school and into my first year of college I did spend a lot of time with her, stayed at her house, babysat my cousin (who's now in college). We just sort of fell out of touch I guess. I think she's actually enjoying this week. She said she's getting to know the kids--and hell, what's not to love about those great kids??? They're smart, funny, entertaining. And she says they've been really really good too. I'm so proud.

I get home tomorrow around dinner time. I think tomorrow night will call for some West Wing, maybe some nekkid swimming and who knows what else??!! : )

Oh, entertainment update. I went to the movies with Big T and another co-worker Sunday, we saw No Reservations. Good movie---HOT male lead. No idea who he is but the character was sexy, could cook and listened to opera. Sort of looks a little like Jon Bon Jovi. Yum.

And, I'm reading Kite Runner. If you have not read it, get it and do so now. I'm not finished with it but I probably will tonight. Not a book I would have picked up but it was recommended to me and it's a good read. I also brought the 3rd Harry Potter book, but can't put Kite Runner down so Harry will have to wait for the plane ride.

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Anonymous said...

dang! i am two for two! feeling the love . . .

the lead in no reservation is aaron eckhart. he was in that julia roberts whistle-blower movie, who's name escapes me, and he was recently in Thank you for smoking, which was quite funny and dark. he is mucho yummy.