Monday, August 13, 2007

Smallest room in the world

i am in nyc staying in what has to be the world's smallest room. you think i'm kidding? take a look.

see that curtain hanging beside the bed? that's the closet. the bed isn't a twin but i swear i don't think it's even a full size bed.

i've stayed in some small ny hotels, but give me an effing break! the first time i came to ny, when guinea pig was with me, we stayed at the Algonquin. cool hotel, history, Dorothy Parker, the Algonquin round table, writers, etc. and the rooms were small, but not this small. it is clean though and they're letting me smoke in a non smoking room. though i won't be smoking much, there's no ventilation.

i did get to see my friend TL today, though briefly. he's off next month to a marathon in Australia and in February he's in one in Antarctica. his goal is to run a marathon on every continent. how incredibly cool.

i was going to have dinner with him tonight but then a work dinner came up. then on the way back to the hotel it got cancelled so sunshine and i went to this diner on broadway, near our hotels, that had singing waiters. it sort of reminded me of that scene in pulp fiction in the diner. it was 50s like and they sang. cool. but i was battling the contacts still--could barely see today.

i'm getting sort of concerned that perhaps my vanity is getting in the way and i might just have to forgo contacts and wear glasses full time. what a bitch. so i'm pushing 40 and going blind. i have also discovered another disheartening thing about age.

facial hair. i started noticing this several months ago. i've always had some very light hair, like most people, but i've now discovered two hairs that grow quite long. shit, i'm going blind and will have to start shaving too. super! yeah me.

of course, being blind i can't really see them because i have to get too close to the mirror, but i can feel them and they are driving me crazy. life is cruel.

so the hubs is home alone tonight, battling a cold or cough or something. poor baby. we'll have two more nights sans kids when i get home then it's off to wv friday night to pick them up.

they are having a blast. they went swimming today at one of the cousin's house. the boy dove into the pool in the 9 foot area! i can't believe i missed that! of course, like always, when you talk to them when you're out of town it's about a 10 minute conversation. they're preoccupied and don't really want to talk on the phone. i guess that's better than crying and being homesick though. god i have great kids.

i'm ready to go home.


Anonymous said...

YEAH BABY! my first shout out in the blog!!!! i rock!!!

sorry you are staying in a shoebox.

Unknown said...

Have you ever heard of tweezers? That, my soon to be 40 friend, is how you take care of the unwanted hairs. - Big T
PS - Guinea Pig, what was that urban expression you kept saying to me at Donut's wedding?

Anonymous said...

oh dear. there is no telling what i said. what was it in reference too???