Monday, August 6, 2007


First let me clarify for Big T. No I did not throw them out. Though I don't claim to be southern I do have enough manners not to throw a house guest out no matter how much I hate them. They were supposed to leave Sunday morning, that's what we were originally told. So they left late Sunday and called after about 30 minutes from the place they'd stopped to eat and asked if it was ok if they came back.

So they came back and last night I'd had just about enough of Bubba Ass. Really, folks, few people genuinely rub me the wrong way just by their very existence, but he does. I think I offended him a little when I said the only people I'd ever seen with little dogs like that were gay guys and Paris Hilton. He wasn't amused. He then tried to tell me little dogs have heart and are fierce protectors. I almost hurled.

They finally left this morning, well, ok, after noon today. We toured Mayberry : ) Yes. I know you're jealous. I really don't mean to be mean but it's not like I was thrilled to do that, not exciting, it was hot and humid, just not my thing.

Of course The Hubs hasn't had it much better. Each family member has taken him aside to talk about how inconsiderate the other one is being. Really? OMG. I am just so over the drama it's not even funny.

I'm ready to have my house back and chill out and watch West Wing. Even the animals are out of sorts. It does make me think twice about even trying to attend this family reunion thing The Hubs' California Bro is trying to cook up for next year. I really don't know that I could handle all of them together again in the same decade.

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