Sunday, August 5, 2007


My favorite (by far!!) SIL has brought it to my attention that I linked her to Bubba Ass : ) Sorry! LOL So, the other SIL will be called Jewels--Jewels and Bubba Ass. Five minutes after I posted Jewels called and asked if they could come back, but that I wasn't to tell anyone. : ) They were having lunch. They aren't back yet. I did call The Hubs to tell them they were coming and told him he better not stay gone for like 4 hours or something, leaving me with them alone. The thing is, I like Jewels and I even like (to some degree) my FL BIL, despite the fact that we've not always seen eye to eye. At this point Bubba Ass is the only one I can't stand and the FIL's wife just makes me feel weird because she's sooooooo much like my MIL. Thank God she died her hair black though because had she kept it auburn, like my MIL's that really would have sent me over the edge.

My SIL also brought up that it makes you realize things about your own family. For as fucked up as my family is, we can at least get together, all in one house and not have drama. We do rib each other and get in some genuine jabs, but it's not like you're on pins and needles wondering if someone is going to kick someone else's ass or if someone is going to blow up. The Hubs' family is like this. Plus, in my family the drama doesn't happen in my face in my home. I can fume and get irritated about things my folks or sister do, but they aren't staying at my house.

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Unknown said...

did you kick them out and then they called to ask if they could come back? i think i'm missing something here. - big t