Saturday, August 11, 2007

Identity crisis

Not having kids around the house for a week is giving me an identity crisis. It's also got me to thinking that in reality, I only have about 10 years left with them before they're out on their own at college and then life.

One thing to our benefit though is that The Hubs and I, though lost right now and a bit sad, communicate and exist and have a relationship that isn't centered on the kids. It's not like some couples I've heard of who don't have anything to say to each other after the kids are gone.

Big T called to check on us last night and suggested using the freedom of the house to try the dining room table : ) Nice. But not my cup of tea, not very comfortable so we aren't going to try that. I have discovered, however, that apparently in a past life I must have either been a vampire or been with a vampire because being nipped on the back of the neck is quite hot. I know, I know, TMI, but hell, what did you expect? : ) Also, you can get as loud as you want when kids aren't around.

We slept until 2pm today and are just now getting ready to go out and run some errands.

Still, it's weird not having my babies around, I'm not MOM this week. I've been MOM for the last 10 years. I think that, combined with all of this travel that has really sent me for a loop this summer and making me realize I might honestly need to start looking at a career change, are bringing me down. If one more person says, wow, you get to travel isn't that fun? I'm going to slap them. Yes, the first year or so it was fun, but now I'm totally over the whole thing and would not miss any of it. Trouble is, I don't know what I want to be when I grow up and I don't know what other job I could do here--here being in this area, not in the same company. I'm over the company too. Only saving grace is the benefits and my friends.

This summer has sucked. Too much travel, too much work. I thought when school was out and we were done with scouts for awhile it would be laid back, smooth sailing but it hasn't been and now school's just around the corner. I have friends I haven't seen all summer, barely get to have lunch with and only one of whom I know of that keeps up through the blog--TS. I miss my friends and I hate that this job is robbing me of so much.


Anonymous said...

Your friends miss you, too! I am glad I keep up with this blog, because it is like talking to you, in a way. At least I feel like I'm keeping up. Hopefully we can have lunch next week?


creative kerfuffle said...

i'm so glad you read this too. i feel like this summer i've really lost touch w/ so many people and i hate that. i'll be in the office ALL next week--surely there's a lunch in there somewhere!