Tuesday, August 7, 2007


it's tuesday afternoon, 3ish and i'm still in my pjs : ) the FL BIL and his kids left this morning and the FIL and the wife went on a day trip and are stopping back by here tomorrow evening before heading back to OK on thursday.

i'm drained. the in-laws weren't too happy that we didn't join them on this day trip thing but i really don't see how we could have done it. neither of us really wanted to anyway.

what a long strange weekend it's been. the house that we stayed up cleaning un 1 am thursday night is pretty much trashed. it's hot and humid and i'm feeling quite lethargic. the hubs has gotten about a dozen work calls despite the fact that he's on vacation. i'm dreading going back to work thursday. it's really getting to be too much. life shouldn't be this hard.

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