Sunday, August 5, 2007

Family weekend

So far I have not lost my mind with this house full of company, however, I have come close. Friday night the SIL and Bubba Ass arrived with their dog--who they told us they were bringing after then were en route. Little dog, inside dog. My dogs don't care, but Princess Meow Meow does not like other animals. Ok, that was fine enough. Bubba Ass wasn't too bad the first night.

Saturday afternoon we went to the flea market. I will never go to one again. Aside from the two adult movie/books stalls and the four head shops, I was just amazed at the seediness and nastiness. I went from Vegas trash to redneck trash in the course of a few days. Stall after stall of cheap crap. People walking around smoking inside (even as a smoker this grosses me the hell out) in various states of tacky dress. Bubba Ass was shopping for a pair of cowboy boots. I've told you about Bubba Ass--I am man, hear me roar, blah blah blah. Everything he has is bigger and better than everyone else, he's smarter, etc. Makes me sick. Looking around the house Friday night he asked how much the grandfather clock cost (his is bigger), etc. Anyway, back to the flea market. So, this big macho redneck guy sees a booth that's selling puppies. Chiuaua puppies. This dog is the size of a large hamster. You'd think that if you were staying at someone's house, especially someone with animals, that you know you'd like ask if you could bring another dog into their house. Nooooooo. Bubba Ass went to the ATM and got $400 out to buy a fucking chiuaua and brought it into my house without thinking or asking. I was furious. Who the hell buys a dog at a flea market anyway?

Late Saturday night the FIL and his wife and the FL BIL and his kids show up. Everything was pretty much fine I guess but it was quite a shock to see the FIL's wife---seeing as how she looks so very much like my MIL. The Hubs hasn't really said much about it, not that we've really had more than five minutes to actually talk alone since Friday, but it's bothering me and freaking me out to see them together, my FIL with his SIL/wife, so I can only imagine The Hubs and his siblings also are not tickled. I do think they've all seen them together though and this is the first time, other than the wedding, that The Hubs has seen them and it's the first time I've seen them as an official couple. I just can't work this out in my head. My MIL would be FURIOUS, I mean FURIOUS, that he married her sister, but they've convinced themselves that she would approve.

It's about 3:30 and the SIL and Bubba Ass have just left and The Hubs, FIL, wife and BIL went on a little tour and I'm here with the kids--by choice. : ) My nephews---weird to think of them that way but they are, are actually good kids. They're 11 and 8 years old. The Boy has already bonded with them and The Girl is reserving judgement I think. The last time we saw them, the youngest one was about 1 year old.

I'll try to keep you posted on the rest of the visit, but it will probably remain uneventful now that Bubba Ass is gone.


Anonymous said...

Funny to see SIL, linked with Bubba Ass. Take note that I am linked with BRO. I agree with dogs in the house. That could have been a setup for a huge mess. Sure makes you feel alot better about your own life huh?

SIL (with BRO)

creative kerfuffle said...

I corrected my error! LOL Man, I miss you guys! Seems like we haven't seen you in forever! Maybe when I get back from the next biz trip we can get together and catch up!!!