Friday, August 10, 2007

My babies are gone

I know this is two posts back to back but the baby post had to stand on its own because it's such big, happy news! : )

So, last week when I picked the kids up from daycare we get a note saying, oh, by the way, daycare is closed the week before school starts. Ok. Why? So the counselors can have a vacation before the back to school program starts. Ok. I swallowed that and The Hubs and I were working on juggling the kids that week between us at work. Not ideal but we could manage.

Yesterday when I picked them up I got a note that today is their last day of summer camp and it will be closed this coming week because of a bug infestation. Ok WTF to do now????

After about an hour of panic and trying to think of anyone we might possibly know that could keep the kids next week (I'm out of town for work M-W) I had the idea to call one of my WV aunts. Not Auntie because she now has a 9-5 job. One of my other WV aunts is a school teacher--no working during the summer : ) This weekend also is a WV family reunion, which we are not attending because of the weeks we've just come off of and the fact that I travel on Monday. However, my folks and sister/kids are going. So, the kids are riding to WV with my folks/sister/kids and my teacher aunt is going to keep them for a week then The Hubs and I will go get them next weekend.

My aunt is really incredible for keeping them for a week. It's not like we talk much at all but that didn't matter, she was like sure, it will be fun. Her only child is in college so she might have a rude awakening about having a 10 and 7 year old around for a week : )

The Hubs and I are sort of wondering WTF we're going to do with ourselves for a week. Donut said we'll have to remember what life was like a decade ago : ) Ah, that would be sleeping till 2pm on the weekend, eating dinner at odd hours, etc. But probably the biggest thing for The Hubs will be Mon/Tues when he's literally home alone. He doesn't do well. He's threatening to do projects. I'm scared.

My babies are gone for a week! The Boy has never been gone that long, never. The Girl has spent a week at Auntie's, but they've never both been gone at the same time. WTF am I going to do? They of course are excited about the whole idea and in fact are on their way to WV now. I am beside myself that my babies are gone! Shut up, I know I'm overly emotional, but they are my babies! They are supposed to be with me.

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