Saturday, August 11, 2007

Night swimming

OMG, swimming at night in the dark is cool. Swimming, at night, in the dark, naked, is even cooler. I had NO idea! Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome being in a pool naked is? Wow. No TMI info. Suffice it to say it was cool.

So The Hubs threw me for a little bit of a loop this evening and then after I thought about it I'm thinking maybe he's not wrong. He said that he didn't know many people married as long as we've been that still love each other. Yes, of course most people love their spouse or sig other but to actually still be in love is another thing. This I think is a roller coaster thing for marriages. You may always love your spouse but aren't always in love with them. Anyway, he says he thinks we're unusual. I may agree because I don't know a lot of married couples who are actually in love or that feel like they're with their best friend.

Talking with one of the guys he works with (girls NEVER have these detailed conversations, ok, not that often anyway) but the guy was bitching because his wife's been in a bad mood for awhile. Like two years. So, being The Hubs with sometimes no manners and willing to say anything, he asked the guy when was the last time he performed certain oral stimulations for his wife. (Yes, you can bet he didn't put it quite so eloquently.) The guy, who isn't that much older than The Hubs said, well we just don't do that anymore. The Hubs was like, the hell you say. The guy was like nope, haven't done that in about 10 years. The Hubs said, well it's no wonder your wife's in a bad mood! Mine might get mad at me from time to time but she hasn't been in a bad mood for two years.

Kid update: They're doing great, had a blast today, met a lot of family members they didn't know. (WV family reunion.) They also let the cat out of the bag about the SIL being preggers. The Boy told my neice that the SIL had something in her belly. The Girl told an aunt that she had a special surprise secret. The aunt guessed it. What are you gonna do? They're kids with a secret.

Still facing an identity crisis, but we're doing fine. Meow Meow, on the other hand, is losing her mind missing The Girl.


Anonymous said...

So, has the neighbor kid you can't stand been over to swim yet? I figure she's watching you through the fence. :)


creative kerfuffle said...

actually, the neighbor kids stopped coming over awhile ago. they have their own pool and i think since they've all gotten older they aren't really in the same circles anymore!
it was late, dark when we were swimming so i don't think we were seen, though the hubs did remind me not to be so loud several times ; )