Friday, August 10, 2007

Gonna be an aunt!

Yipppeeeee! I'm gonna be an aunt again! No, don't panic, it's not my sister. Trust me, The Hubs and I both thought the same thing when we first heard. My Bro and SIL are expecting. She's due in April! I'm so so excited. I can't wait to find out what she's having.

I talked to my nephew the evening we found out, he's starting kindergarten this year. I asked him if he was going to be a Big Brother--he said, yeah, but not right now : ) I can't wait to see him around a baby, being a big brother. That is going to change the whole dynamic of their family. It's amazing. I always scoffed at people who said this and I'm sure most parents of one child still do, but parenting is a whole other ball game when you add another kid in the mix.

So hooray for the Bro and SIL!

The Hubs had a moment of panic because he said once she starts showing my clock will start ticking again, and yes, it very well might, but I'm passed my breeding years. As much as I adore babies, especially ones I'm related to, I really don't think I have it in me to have another one. I did love being pregnant though, really really loved it. At this point in life I'll just be happy with "practicing" making babies : )

I had a moment of panic because when my sister finds out she'll probably head to the nearest male to get knocked up. I know, evil of me, but it seems to be her motis operandi. Some one's pregnant, some one's getting attention, oh no, I better jump on the bandwagon. So here's crossing my fingers hoping she keeps her legs crossed.

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