Wednesday, August 29, 2007

color me happy

happy hump day to you all!

i'm drinking my second cup of iced work coffee.

big t took me to lunch today because a while back she challenged me to use a word in one of my articles and i did. the word was pococurante. a few years ago she did the same thing and challenged me to use kerfuffle in print. i did. you'd think she'd know by now not to challenge me like that. and no, don't challenge me to use ginormous, although i think i could get by with that one too. i'm so fucking powerful! LOL! NOT!

yesterday, my ACTUAL birthday, was quite nice, although i had to work. the hubs and kids made me a cake, he grilled ribs (one of my faves) and i got cool presents : )
many of you may not be as enthralled with crayola crayons (not rose art, not generic bull shit) as i am, but to me there is no funner gift than this and some coloring books : ) it is hella cool.
i also got some coloring books, new jammies and slippers. totally my kind of birthday.
this is like the motherlode of crayons. auntie would be incredibly jealous! these are mine though, the kids can't use them. i did give them my old box of 120 though. crayons do have a life span ya know. after you've used them and worn off the point and they start to break that's when it's time for retirement. even though this has a sharpener, sharpened crayons are not the same as new crayons.
my dream job would be to work for binney & smith making crayons.

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