Monday, June 11, 2007

I love the rainy nights

sorry for the eddie rabbit ref but i simply love thunderstorms and rain. summer thunderstorms especially since they cool things down. it's almost 7 p.m., dinner's simmering, no homework to get done, no scouts, the thunderstorm we just had was loud and powerful and the wind was blowing. i turned off the air and opened all the windows. i love the sound, smell and feel of rain almost as much as snow.

i love the rumble of the thunder--powerful.
i love the crackle of the lightening--flashing.

not a bad day for a monday i must say.

remember this post---when i compared marriage to the menstrual cycle? i still think it is like that and we're winding our way back into a happy good place i do believe. i think part of it, at least for me, was the wedding this weekend, the vows, the sentiments etc. sometimes you forget about those mushy things. (this despite the fact the hubs commented on the abundance of cleavage at the wedding reception.) gotta love him.

i think, for a married couple, we talk a lot. i mean not just the day to day getting through life crap, but real conversations. i know couples who don't talk (my parents for example) and i wonder why they bother being together. i think if i had to give donut a marriage tip (aside from give lots of bjs and swallow) it would be to talk even when you think you've talked a lot talk some more. the hubs and i still, even though we're good communicators, have communication issues, i don't think you can avoid it. and you can ever think that you're home free because you made it x amount of years.

we talked this weekend about influences in life. every person, ok, not EVERY person, but lots of people, especially your friends, influence you or leave their fingerprints on your life, so why wouldn't the person you live with 24/7 have an influence on the person you are? politically we've pulled each other from our extremes, emotionally we've pulled each other a little too--he's mushier now than he used to be (of course having kids does that too), i don't know that i'm less mushier though i'm fairly emotional--like you didn't notice right! it's funny because at donut's wedding one of my co-workers said he didn't realize i was such an emotional person. really? he must not be very perceptive cos i'm a fruit loop most of the time.

so, ok, just feeling good, wanting to share, loving the rain, getting ready for dinner. i'm going to crotchet on the hub's blanket tonight, watch some west wing and love on my family.


Anonymous said...

TMI on the marital advice to Donut. Although, it's not like I haven't heard you and the Hubs talk about these things when you're drunk. :)


creative kerfuffle said...

LOL, sorry TS. See--this is me NOT censoring myself!

Actually that's really bad advice because I wasn't a big proponent of such until recently. And, I also don't think anyone should do anything they don't like or that they are uncomfortable with.