Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No rest for the weary

You'd think after last week I could have at least come back to work and had one slacker day, but no, back to the grind full steam. Gotta get the next issue out by Friday. Worked until 6 p.m. tonight (late for me) and when I got home The Hubs had dinner ready. We ate, the kids got in the pool for a bit and then we weeded flower beds. I love flowers but damn I hate weeding.

Why does stuff grow where you don't want it but won't grow where you do?

We finally got the right directions for the pool chemicals and started the regimen tonight. It will probably be Sunday before we can swim again. I hope this is a one time thing, it taking so long. I know you have to put chemicals in it each week but this initial stuff is ridiculous. This whole pool process has been much, much more involved than we ever imagined. I do think it will be worth it though. The little bit of time the kids have been in it so far they've had a blast.

Evidently it takes quite awhile for more than 8,000 gallons of water to heat up. I've been in the pool a total of maybe an hour between Sunday and Monday and FUCK that water is cold! Needless to say it has not been Christened : )

Non sequitor alert:
What type of traveler are you? When I travel with co-workers I don't mind hanging out with them prior to boarding. Grabbing a bite to eat, sitting at the gate chatting, etc. but once I get on the plane I typically would rather sit by myself. As much as I've traveled I've only actually sat by a co-worker 2-3 times. It was fine but I don't really like talking on planes. It's not the plane or being afraid, because I like flying, but I'd much rather sleep or read.

I hate sitting next to strangers who like to talk. I discourage this from the very start by cracking out my book before the plane even takes off. I'm not stand offish, but when I travel it's always for work and usually going to or coming from somewhere that I've had to be "on" for the better part of the time. At some point I just want to be left alone and gather my thoughts etc.

Sort of like when I come home in the evenings I hate talking on the phone. Email is fine and I like to blog but I really don't want to talk on the phone.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to not wanting to talk to starngers on planes. I don't mind a small bit of conversation, but it's exhausting to be with someone who won't stop talking! I don't want to talk to strangers at the gym, either. I'm in there to sweat, not lose my breath in conversation. That's why I wear headphones!


creative kerfuffle said...

I've found the older I get the less inclined I am to even the small bits of conversation. I guess I feel like I have to make nonsense conversations too much at work, or work related events, being polite and friendly when you really could give a shit less that I don't want to do it any other time. Plus, and this is pretty mean (I've been mean lately) I'm not saying I don't want to make any more friends in life, but I have my core group and am not in the best friend market anymore. I'm surely going to hell.