Monday, June 4, 2007

a few more things

i have to give props to my bro for getting us back up and running. he's going to do some more work on it but i really don't know what we would have done if he wasn't a computer geek : ) (luv ya bro--LOL) seriously though he knows his shit.

i can't do email though. don't know if it's a yahoo problem or just my computer. that sucks.

i forgot to tell you about the fourth grade field trip i went on with the girl. it was last week, we went to raleigh. the whole fourth grade. we went to the capitol building, legislative building, nc museum of history (zzzzzzzzzz) and the natural science museum. i have a vague memory of doing this when i was in fourth grade and my dad was stationed in fayetteville--i think it's a nc fourth grade thing. i have a leaf in a scrapbook somewhere, probably in my trunk, from the tour i took of the grounds of the legislative building.

the kids of course were bored to tears by the government stuff but had a blast otherwise. it was hot though and quite a long day. though we travelled as one big group, in the museums we split up and each chaperon was in charge of 4 kids. i had the girl and one of her friends and then two boys. it's so funny to just sit back and watch kids sometimes. the girl's friend was really nice, that was the first time i'd been around her for very long. i was only a little disturbed when she was looking at one of the displays in the natural science museum and she informed me that adam and eve were 15 feet tall. i said, uh, no i don't really think so and she said yes because she'd read it in such and such religious book. i had a moment of pause over that one.

this is the last week of school and the week of donut's wedding. lots going on plus a busy work week.

did i mention how happy i am to be back online??? ; )

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