Thursday, June 28, 2007

What men want

I just saw this article on Yahoo that lists 10 compliments guys like to hear. I'm not quite sure about this list; it seems sort of superficial.

What do you think?

Your arms are definitely looking bigger.
Yahoo says men are just as paranoid about their bodies as women are. Of course if you said anything on a woman was looking bigger you'd get smacked at the very least.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Yahoo says guys value their sense of humor as one of their most important qualities and want to make people laugh. Ok, I get that. Who doesn't like to make people laugh? Plus, humor relieves stress and can be very sexy.

Yahoo says its good to say this when he's getting undressed or after sex, preferably in a whisper; it's the ultimate ego stroke. Ok, I get that one too.

You the man.
Guys say this to other guys but Yahoo says coming from a woman the message is that you're buddies, which is sexy too. Ok, I don't ever see myself saying, You the man. Give me a break.

The kids just adore you.
Yahoo says more than 50% of men say their families are what defines them so any kudos on that front are good. I'd agree with this. There's something incredibly appealing about a guy who's a good dad.

What do you think?
Yahoo says long-married couples engage in cerebral power struggles (duh!) so it's good to say what do you think. I do this anyway, not because I'm trying to give away power but because I actually value The Hubs opinion.

Cute feet.
Yahoo says guys don't typically like being described as cute, but they do if it's a body part that's gross. I'm not a feet person at all, except cute baby feet, so I don't think I'd use this one.

Yahoo says 61% of men think their partners aren't sexually adventurous enough. A little purring can go a long way. I get that too but don't know if I could say 'Meow' with a straight face.

I thought this went with the wow from above but you should say impressive after they've carried something heavy, snaked the septic tank or redone your bathroom. I do this, and not to score points but because The Hubs really is a handy guy to have around.

I want you.
Yahoo says guys don't care if you go on about their hair or eyes, they want to know they're the total package. Yeah, well who doesn't? That seems like a no brainer to me.

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