Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday in the yard

Busy, productive day. The Hubs hired someone to come and take out some of the bushes and the peach tree in the backyard. His initial plan was to do this all himself and he had taken out a few of the bushes but it was incredibly hard work. The guy he hired brought a bobcat and with one push the peach tree was down. In two hours our yard has been transformed.

Part of it was to make room for the pool and then we just had some things that needed to come out. When we bought the house I was happy to have two peach trees but in four years we've not had one good peach. The trees must have been really old because the years they did bear fruit they rotted before they ripened or the beetles got them. It was just a mess. The yard looks much bigger, of course that will change when the pool goes in.

I got a little over zealous with the ratcheting sheers and pruned back a lot of the trees in the front yard. I'm pleased with the progress. Now we have a butt load of stuff to burn. S'mores anyone : )

I'm going to try to push the pool installation back a week or two--too much stuff going on next week while I'm out of town. It's a lot for two people to handle let alone The Hubs trying to manage it all while I'm out of town. Our jobs have never been compatible but this week even less so. He's got store closings looming, his stress test and then if the pool were to go in two days of having to be here for that. I swear I think if someone offered me a comparable salaried job with good benefits that didn't include any travel tomorrow I'd jump at it.

Although I love sleeping in on the weekends (and it will be another week before I get to do so) we got up early this morning (early for us is before 9 a.m.) and have actually accomplished a lot. My Bro and I couldn't work out an agreeable get together with the parental unit so instead the Bro, SIL and nephew are coming over here for dinner tonight so (these are his words) we (the non-fathers) can worship him and The Hubs on their fatherly weekend : )

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