Friday, June 15, 2007

i hate damn...

coming down to the wire on the conference, it's next week. not much i can do at this point--it will either flop or not. of course this does not stop me from freaking out about everything connected to it. when i'm sitting there with a dazed look on my face i'm really mentally going through my closet wondering what i'm going to wear each day down to the shoes. i hate damn shoes.

today i went and got my hair done--roots were showing. remember when i first started this job and my old boss told me i should get my hair done? yep, that creeps into my brain way too often. i hate damn hair.

i know this weekend is father's day cos i've been pondering what to get the hubs but guess what? i didn't give one thought to MY dad until yesterday when i was talking to my SIL! yep, i'm a good daughter huh? LOL the SIL suggested we forgo the countless blockbuster gift cards we usually give and get him something else, like a massage. the hubs suggested a topless car wash. i'm still thinking. i hate damn buying gifts for my dad.

the first day of my conference next week the hubs is going for his annual stress test and cardiology appt. it makes me nervous to be out of town when he's having this done--what if he has a heart attack? i keep telling myself everything he's going through right now is stress related but in the back of my mind i can't help but think it's not and he'll either have to have another stint put in or something more major. i hate damn health problems.

i guess if this conference does flop and the queen of evil et al decide i'm really not cut out for this job life will go on. i don't know that i'd find a similar job locally but surely i'm qualified to do something else? sometimes i curse the day i switched to journalism school. i should have stuck with my first idea and become an ob/gyn. i wanted to deliver babies but the science and math part got in the way. i hate damn science and math.

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