Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Things I wasn't taught

I had this idea last night but as some of you know other things came up and I didn't blog. The Hubs wasn't feeling great (chest pains), almost went to the ER but didn't. I talked to his doc today and she wants to see if the new med kicks in first before we take the next step--angioplasty. This of course raised another issue we hadn't thought of. What the hell would we do if I needed to rush him to the ER at 1 a.m.? My thought was wake the kids, get in the car and go. He doesn't want to do that, doesn't want to upset the kids. Also doesn't want me to call 911 because the ambulance would freak the kids out. Of course I could call my Bro or Mom and they'd come but that could potentially take too long. Donut offered to come and that could be an option--but I really want someone closer. I need a game plan. Anyway, not the topic I was going to cover in this post.

Things I wasn't taught
This thought came to me at first when I was in the shower shaving my legs. I was never taught this skill. I snuck and did it when I was in 4th or 5th grade I think, at my Maw-Maw's house. I've never known--where do you stop? Are you supposed to shave above the knee? (I'm not talking naughty bits area, that's a personal preference) but thighs. Are you supposed to shave your thighs? Let me know.

Bedding--what's the acceptable norm for how often you change your sheets? What about reusing towels? I'm not talking for weeks at a time--but my kids use a towel (barely) once and then it goes in the dirty clothes. Is it really that bad to hang it up and use it again the next day?

How often are you supposed to wash the windows on your house? I wash my kitchen window and we clean the front and back door windows periodically, but I've never, ever washed any other windows in any house I've lived in. Dear God, am I channeling my parents?

I also was never taught to send thank you cards or to RSVP to things. Do you send thank you notes to people who are present when you open the present? Seems like a waste to me.


Non sequitor:
I've also just realized that my genetics are creeping in in another way. I forget what news/stories/etc. I've told who, which is further frustrated because of the blog. I write a lot of stuff in here and then have a conversation about it or parts of it. So, if we're every talking or emailing and I repeat myself, please tell me : )


Anonymous said...

I use my bath towels for about a week and my bedsheets for two weeks ... I'm curious, too, to see what others do ... - Donut

Anonymous said...

I change the sheets about every two weeks. and towels i think joe changes those weekly unless we have just been shower crazy. but i know my ex sister in laws family only used towels once, which i thought was crazy and hugely wasteful in terms of water, etc for washing.

so far as shaving, i do knees down and once every month or so do up to mid thigh, that hair is never dark, but the fuzz can get long and in the light bothers me if i have a shorter skirt on.

hope that the hubs is ok . . . any neighbors you could have come watch the kids?

Anonymous said...

I also use a towel for about a week, and try to change the sheets every two weeks, if I remember. I think the unofficial rule is to change the sheets every week, but who has time?

When I was growing up, I only used a towel once, and I used a separate one for my hair. My poor Grandmother washed lots of towels when she was at our house during the day!

I do shave my thighs, but not very often, unless they're going to show. Like next week at the beach! :)


Anonymous said...

When I was living in the dorms as a freshman in college, I went a full year without changing my sheets. At the end of the year, I boxed 'em up for the summer then put them back on for sophomore year.

So don't feel like too much of a slacker if you let 'em go a week or two. Use me as the example of worst-case scenerio.

creative kerfuffle said...

Ok, I'm free and clear now because I've never gone a YEAR w/out changing the sheets.
I'm sheet deficient though (this is why you should have a marriage shower every 5 years) so when the sheets are in the wash I have been known to sleep on the bed with the comforter and no sheets for a couple of days.
Housework sucks.

Whistler said...

I use a towel once, maybe twice, and then it's washed. I never use wash cloths more than once. But hey, I'm single, I don't have to do as much laundry as you guys!
Sheets are once per week.
I hate to do windows! I MAYBE do this twice in a year.
On thank you notes...if someone took their time and hard earned money to buy you something, you are total POOR WHITE TRASH if you don't send them a note. This can be excused if you are REALLY good friends - in which case an email is acceptable. - Big T (the OC in the bunch)