Friday, June 15, 2007

music memories

ok, i'm such a slack ass today. i haven't done this in a long, long time because this job is a pain in the ass busy most of the time, but today i not only blogged (see below) but actually read a blog i used to read back when i had time. anyway, the topic was a U2 song and the very vivid memory it brought to the blogger.

i find music does this a lot for me. does it for you? there are songs that are sound tracks to certain periods of my life and then there are specific songs that bring specific memories.

for example--rick springfield, loverboy, men at work are on the soundtrack to my junior high years. chicago, bruce springsteen, phil collins, whitney houston, cyndi lauper are on the soundtrack to high school and dating the hubs. hard to say i'm sorry was a powerful song for us back then. i didn't know how to apologize and used that song more than once. almost paradise takes me back to my junior prom and dancing with the hubs. though i'd been to his senior prom and then to mine, junior prom was the best.

comfortably numb takes me back to college sitting on picnic table in a parking lot on a hill in wv getting high and playing some name game. stairway to heaven, also in college, also high, sitting on the floor listening to an acoustic guitar.

hungry eyes takes me to the hubs and driving from ok to nc many years ago. stick shift car so he drove the whole way. we were slap happy by the time hungry eyes came on the radio--we made up our own words, hungry thighs : )

i could go on and on. music feeds my soul.

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