Thursday, June 21, 2007

i totally rock : )

i'm pretty tired but had to share this good day with you all since i've vented SOOOOOOOOOOOO much about this damn conference. today was excellent. this is probably the best i've felt about this job since taking it more than a year ago. i felt like i did a good job and it was not only noticed but acknowledged by the QofE and other influential people in my work world. i was flying high when it ended today. first thing i did when i got back to the room was call and leave the hubs a voicemail. it went something like---i totally rock and am the queen of conferences : ) i know. i'm not typically a prideful person but damn--I KICKED ASS TODAY : ) the attendees said the agenda/content was great, best conference in a long time. yes, thank you please that was a year's worth of blood, sweat and tears.

the QofE really had me torn up yesterday, nitpicking at seemingly everything, but today she actually threw me a bone and said i did a good job. during our cocktail hour tonight i had a productive, lengthy discussion with her and though i have no illusion that everything is right as rain i do think perhaps she's realized her perception of me wasn't correct. she HUGGED me! LOL

so aside from yesterday being awful because i was nervous and she was nitpicking, the hubs was having his yearly heart check up. (for those of you not up to speed he had a heart stent put in about 3 years ago) recently he's been having some issues, chest pains, etc. and though i tried to chalk it up to stress, in the back of my mind i think the worst. he made it through the stress test but he's going to be trying a new med and may have to go in in a few weeks for a heart cath if his doc isn't happy with this med. plus she wants him to see an endocrinologist for the diabetes. on one hand i'm totally relieved that he wasn't put in the hospital yesterday, especially since i'm not there, but on the other i'm still worried about his health and what we need to do to get him back on track.

and i have to say, it's times like these, the bad, tough days when you really appreciate your friends. big t has been there more than once for me and my family and yesterday was another prime example. she knew i was stressing about the hubs' appt. and the conference and she not only called me yesterday to be supportive but she called the hubs to check on him too. gotta love that woman!

it's been a long, lonely week if you know what i mean ; 0 and i can't wait to get home tomorrow evening. one more half day of conference stuff tomorrow then i'm headed home. the pool should be installed by the time i get home and if it didn't take so long to fill and do the chemical thing i think we'd be christening it : ) LOL (now i'll get a TMI comment from TS) it's hell being away from home for three nights!


Anonymous said...

Yeah on the conference and thank God for pool chemicals!

Anonymous said...

well i am super glad for you that the conference went so well and QofE recognized that you might just be AWESOME.

also, glad the hubs is checking into his health a bit more, i know how crazy getting a guy to do that can be, but it is worth it.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the thankfulness for pool chemicals. :) Not TMI this time, I actually expected that one. Just give the chemicals time to do their magic before I come over to swim.

CONGRATS on the awesome conference. I know that's such a relief! I'm sure you will benefit from the confidence boost.

Hope the Hubs' medicine works and he doesn't have to have any more procedures. Didn't know diabetes was an issue, too.


Anonymous said...

TS isn't the only one you get a TMI from! - Big T

Whistler said...

TS isn't alone with the TMI! - BigT