Tuesday, June 19, 2007

live from florida

i'm in fla. now for my conference. i'm nervous and anxious, ready to get the whole thing over with.

a few observations of note. we were people watching in the airport today. i always find this amusing because the writer in me can't help but create a story for some people.

there was a couple today that really drew attention. he had to be a retired military man, probably my dad's age which is close to 60. he had on jeans and a tshirt that had some military something on it and a military haircut. you could just tell he was retired military from his stance and his demeanor. his companion was a woman who looked like she could have been russian. she was about 20 years younger than him and at least six inches taller. she was wearing shorts, a black tank top and black hose with sandals. she carried their bags. she was vacant looking. of course it could have been something totally different but in my story telling mind she was one of those russian mail order brides. one of my co workers sat on their row on the plane and there was much PDA going on. so is the mail order bride happy or just filling her role? am i wrong and maybe they met completely by happenstance and are happy? i don't know, but that vacant look about her tells me she wasn't really happy.

next topic. i felt old today. the two coworkers i traveled with are younger than me. they were talking pop culture and i basically had no clue what they were talking about. i didn't know the TV shows, the singers, etc. Pussycat dolls--apparently this is a girl singing group. who knew? and it went on from there. the people magazine issue with the sexiest bachelors? i knew maybe two of them--the others, no clue. driving in the car, they listen to songs and radio stations i have no idea about. i could have gotten upset about being so out of the loop but i like my life.
i don't care that i'm not up on the most popular music---give me van, train or rod any day. TV shows--i don't care that i can probably recite most of west wing and have no idea about grey's anatomy or american idol. i like the things i like. does that mean i'm getting old?


Anonymous said...

You want to know old? Try watching the Sopranos and looking at the doughy tired mug on James Gandolfino and knowing you're older than him. Maybe not as doughy, but definately as tired. And older. Waaawaaa. Hmmpf. Aargh.

creative kerfuffle said...

TL--well you know I have this West Wing disease so I'm not in the Sopranos loop but I do know who James is and you so do NOT look anywhere near his age! For God's sake man, you RUN MARATHONS all over the fucking world! You look 40 TOPS! And I'm not just saying that cos we're "family."