Thursday, June 7, 2007

slow mo

thursday afternoon (sneak blogging at work--bad girl) and i'm moving in slow mo to the max. stressful week--lots of school stuff going on, donut's wedding coming up saturday and work has been a bitch and a half.

today's drama was with the girl. the kids had their end of year picnics this week and i warned them last week that i would not be able to sign them out and bring them back to work with me this week--partly because it's been a busy week, partly because of the stuff last week and the threat of a pink slip looming over me.

so the hubs and i leave work to go to her picnic and dammit if she didn't sit there and pout the whole time and then cry when we were getting ready to leave. of course i'm sitting there feeling like the worst mother on the planet. the hubs (i think in part because he knew i was feeling awful about it and in part cos the tears work on him too) signed her out and took her with him for the rest of the day. i'm sure the boy will be pissed when he finds this out since he didn't get signed out on tuesday when we went to his picnic.

i don't ever remember my parents coming to stuff at school during the day but there always are a lot of parents at my kids' school stuff. when does the guilt end? when do you stop feeling like you never do enough for your kids even though you know you do a lot more than other parents? i just took a day off last week or the week before for a field trip with the girl---doesn't that count for something????

oh and last night i decided--though the hubs disagrees---that i'm not really bi-polar. i tend to think my highs/lows, heightened arousal and mood swings can be attributed to PMS rather than being bi-polar. the hubs seems to think that these symptoms occur not just during PMS but at other times, which would dispel my explanation. i'm sticking to PMS, it makes me feel better : )

the pool will be installed the day i get back from my conference. whooooohooooo. i'm going to get a tan this summer : )

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