Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday afternoon

Hey folks. It's been a relatively quiet weekend for a change. The Girl had decided she finally wanted to get her ears pierced, that is until we actually found a place that would do it, then she chickened out.

The Boy is on pins and needles for Spiderman 3, which opens here next weekend. Actually, I want to see it too, that and the next Harry Potter movie.

Remember the peony that I transplanted from Maw-Maw's yard? It has come back again this year and there are actually two buds on it. I am so excited!

We watched Jackass the Movie this weekend (on TV, I wouldn't rent it.) It's like watching a wreck, you can't help it you want to see what stupid things they'll do. Plus Johnny Knoxville is hot ; ) I just can't believe that a bunch of guys actually make money and have become famous by mostly acting like total idiots and doing dangerous, foolish things. (Shut up to those of you who said I do those things and don't get paid for it!)

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